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Ahya and shobe back together again!!! 💕 #broandsis

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Essentials #mywhipsoold #cdandcassetteplayer

And on the 7th day she rested

To the Jack to my Coke, happy birthday love! I love you and I miss you too much and I’m so damn proud of your strength and resilience. Have a great day and year ahead 😘💕😍😭🐰

Something new

Still summer to me ☀️ too got in CA

Dear Lord I thank Thee for Thy many blessings #cookiemonster #dietwhatdiet #thisiswhyiworkout

Happy birthday Santana!!!!! 💕💋😘 (at El Techo de Lolinda)

Playtime! Finished today’s park workout with some pole drills because monkey bars 🙊 #americanninjapoler #streetpole #committofit

Playtime #committofit #poleplease #streetpole #americanninjapoler

Kina ★ Bikina
Never love a wild thing.

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